Broome Shire Rangers: Looking after your pet this Australia Day

Published on 25 January 2022


A quick Australia Day tip from the Broome Shire Ranger Services

The Aussie BBQ

Aussies are known for their great barbecuing abilities. It’s part of the culture and is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Since your pets are family, there's no doubt they’ll be right there amongst the action.

If you are having a BBQ at home this Australia Day or taking your pets to someone else’s house, keep these things in mind:

  • BBQ food often has a lot of seasonings including garlic, salt and onion, which are all toxic to dogs and cats. Keep people-food and drinks out of reach at all times and tell guests not to feed your pet!
  • With guests coming and going, it’s a good idea to supervise your pets and regularly check that they are okay. It’s too easy for someone to leave a door or gate open and for your dog or cat to run away.
  • Do not leave pets alone with hazards. A hot BBQ plate, kebab sticks and plastic wrapping are a potential threat to all pets.

Potential food hazards

Lamingtons, vegemite, snags and Tim Tams may be the food of choice for January 26 but they should not get anywhere near your pet’s mouth. The salt and sugar content in these foods will not go well in your pet’s stomach and some ingredients like chocolate are deadly.

Do something truly amazing

If you want to do something truly fantastic this Australia Day, you should consider adopting a dog or cat in desperate need of its very own Aussie forever home.

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