Commemorative Broome Air Raid artwork process underway

Published on 06 August 2021


The process to create a new artwork commemorating the Broome Air Raid is underway, with artists commissioned by the Shire of Broome to lead the process.

March 3, 2022 will mark the 80th anniversary of the WWII air raid on Broome that killed 88 people and destroyed 22 Australian, Dutch and US aircraft.

The Shire will be hosting an anniversary event to commemorate the occasion, with a new artwork to be unveiled.

A submission period for public artists to create an interpretation piece has already been undertaken. With the importance of local input, the project has been awarded to Broome artist Chris Maher, who will collaborate with Paula Hart and be assisted by Vanessa Margetts from MudMap Studio.

Over the upcoming Shinju Matsuri festival, the artists will engage with the community as initial concepts for the artwork are formed.

The artists will also be guided by an informal working group, who have started to meet to provide input and feedback, while there will be further opportunities for community input as concepts and designs are formulated.

The Shire will provide updates on this project as they arise, with the final artwork to be installed at Town Beach and unveiled in March 2022.

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