Have your say: Community Scorecard to shape Shire of Broome priorities

Published on 09 May 2022


The Shire of Broome wants to hear honest and comprehensive feedback from our community on how the organisation is faring – and where we can improve.

A biannual Community Scorecard process commences today, with results set to be compared against the Shire’s previous performance and other local governments.

This Scorecard shapes future iterations of the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan – our visionary document detailing the priorities for the Broome community.

In 2020 a total of 1046 residents, business operators and ratepayers undertook the Scorecard.

This year all ratepayers will be sent a Scorecard to complete, while Shire officers will be undertaking engagement activities from May 9-27.

Shire of Broome president Harold Tracey encouraged community members to have a say on the future of their town.

“The Shire has delivered some great projects and upgrades over the past couple of years and we still have more on the horizon,” he said.

“However, we want our Shire vision to be aligned with the community’s future visions and aspirations.

“The community gets to rate the Shire’s performance based on our core service offering of services, facilities, major projects and infrastructure.

“This gives the Shire an honest update on how we are tracking and where you would like us to focus our energy in the short-to-medium term.

“I’d encourage everyone to fill out the Scorecard and provide us your feedback and thoughts.”

To complete a Community Scorecard, click here.

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