Voluntary liquor restrictions to continue in Broome

Published on 30 November 2022

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Daily limits on packaged alcohol sales will continue within the Shire of Broome despite the expiry of Section 31 Notice Kimberley, but patrons will be allowed to purchase more wine and mid-strength beer.

The Section 31 restrictions, which have been in place since March 2020 expired on November 4, 2022, when Western Australia's State of Emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic ended.

But while liquor licensees were no longer restricted to selling packaged liquor in State-enforced prescribed quantities, the Broome Liquor Accord, which includes the town’s liquor retailers with support from the Shire of Broome and WA Police, has agreed to continue imposing restrictions with slightly eased daily limits.

The revised restrictions on the purchase of packaged liquor will come into effect once software for point-of-sale identification scanners used to manage the Takeaway Alcohol Management System (TAMS) is updated by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

The system is undergoing testing and is anticipated to be in place to account for the new restrictions from Monday, December 5 – posters showing the new limits will be displayed in store once the system is up and running.

The new daily limit will allow for the purchase of up to two cartons of mid-strength beer – up from one carton – and up to six 750ml bottles of wine, an increase from three bottles.

The daily limits on full-strength beer and spirits won’t change (see below).

Anyone wishing to purchase packaged alcohol will still be required to present photo ID in the form or an Australian driver’s licence, an Australian or international passport, or an Australian Proof of Age card.

Broome Liquor Accord chair and Shire of Broome president Harold Tracey thanked the Broome community for its support and patience with the alcohol restrictions.

“The misuse of alcohol has a negative knock-on impact on critical services in our communities across the West Kimberley and is an issue that we are trying to address” he said.

“We know that TAMS can’t be the be-all and end-all of such a complex situation, but the system continues to be step in the right direction to tackle what has sadly become an endemic social problem.

“I’d again like to thank our industry partners for their willingness to participate.”

Cr Tracey said the Shire would continue to lobby for consistent regional liquor restrictions to prevent people leaving their communities.

Daily personal alcohol purchase limits

The Broome Liquor Restrictions (2022-23) allow for the following purchase limits per customer per day:

Individual Liquor Sales

  • 2 x cartons of mid-strength beer (up to 3.5% alcohol); or
  • 1 x carton of full-strength beer, cider or premixed spirits; or
  • 6 x 750ml bottles of wine; or
  • 1 x 1.0-litre bottle of spirits; or
  • 1 x 1.0-litre of fortified wine

Combination Liquor Sales

  • 2 x cartons of mid-strength beer; or
  • 1 x carton of mid‐strength beer and 6 x 750ml bottles of wine; or
  • 1 x carton of full‐strength beer and 3 x 750ml bottles of wine; or
  • 1 x carton mid/full-strength beer and 1 x 1.0-litre of spirits/fortified wine

Click here for more information about Liquor Restrictions within the Shire of Broome



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