Road Condition Report and Planned Maintenance

Broome Cape Leveque Road


View the Main Roads WA Travel Map for localised road conditions and alerts between Broome and One Arm Point.

The Broome Cape Leveque Road is managed by Main Roads WA. If you have any queries please contact their office on 138 138.

Unsealed Shire Roads

Last updated: September 27, 2023 at 10am

Page will be updated again when conditions changes

Current vehicle road restrictions: 

  • Manari Road: Open to all Traffic - remains closed beyond James Price Point due to washouts - Grader works due in coming weeks
  • Barred Creek Road: Open to all Traffic 
  • Quondong Point Road: Open to all Traffic 
  • Willie Creek Road: Open to all Traffic
  • Crab Creek Road:Open to all Traffic 
  • Kavite Road: Open to all Traffic 
  • Fairway Drive (past end of seal): Open to all Traffic 

NOTE: Although the road may be signposted and reported as "OPEN", the road may still become impassable or dangerous due to heavy rain, without notification or warning.

Caution is advised at all times, especially at floodways and washouts.

4WD is recommended on all unsealed roads and drivers should travel in accordance with road conditions at all times.