Broome Turf Club Masterplan 2023

BTC drawing.PNG

The Shire of the Broome and the Broome Turf Club have worked together to create a master plan for the Broome Turf Club facility to guide the future growth and development at the site.

The Broome Turf Club (BTC) lease the premises from the Shire and have successfully delivered horse racing in Broome for over 60 years, with the BTC racing calendar attracting people from around Australia and overseas, delivering substantial economic benefit to the Broome community.

The Master Plan explores strategic opportunities for economic diversification while ensuring the predominant function of the site for racing is maintained.  There is a strong focus on increasing community and not-for-profit use, particularly in compatible equine related activities.

The following areas have been considered in the Master Plan:

  • Existing BTC infrastructure assets and buildings
  • Utility and infrastructure upgrades (power, water, sewer, communications)
  • Ablution and racing stable facilities
  • Rationalization of lease boundaries
  • Water management
  • Coastal processes and future hazards
  • Traffic, parking and access
  • Environment and Heritage

Key stakeholder consultation, community information sessions and public comment period have been completed.  

For information see the attached Draft Master Plan and Master Plan Report documents.