Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment


The Cable Beach Foreshore Master Plan (CBFMP) was adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting of Council on 19 October 2017, while a Business Case was completed in May 2020.

The purpose of the CBFMP is to provide a long-term vision for the Cable Beach foreshore area and to be used as a tool to facilitate investment in community infrastructure through municipal funds, grants and public and private partnerships.

The CBFMP considers, in greater detail, the concept designs that formed part of the Cable Beach Development Strategy (2016), and provides a long-term vision for the Cable Beach Foreshore area.

Improvements set out in the Master Plan include reconfiguring the car park to create a new beach park; creation of a new entry plaza and an upgraded entry with public art, entry statement, garden bed and tree planting; increased ocean views from the site; universal access across the foreshore area; and a the potential for a buried seawall to manage coastal erosion.

A copy of the adopted Cable Beach Foreshore Master Plan can be found by accessing the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will the Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment consist of?

The redevelopment of Cable Beach Foreshore could transition one of Broome’s high-quality natural assets into a global drawcard. The Council has endorsed a Master Plan, which was completed in 2017, and a Business Case, which was completed in May 2020.

The project explores many open design components including a new promenade, an amphitheatre upgrade and activation spaces. Other features include the renovation of the Broome Surf Lifesaving Club, upgrade of the Cable Beach car park and the provision of new access options to the beach.

The redevelopment could offer commercial and business opportunities and would link together some of the town’s major tourism, cultural and leisure attractions.

Why is this a major focus for the Shire?

In recent years the Shire has invested significant funds and channelled major energy to see positive infrastructure improvements at Town Beach and in Chinatown. It makes sense that Cable Beach would be the next precinct in line to be refreshed.

The project is a major focus for the Shire because the upgrades will prove to be a major asset for Broome, attract more visitors to our region and provide the community with improved spaces in the Cable Beach area, including an iconic waterplay area and event space.

The Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment is a $36.5 million project, with the Shire already committing over $1 million.

What stage is the project at?

The project’s Business Case has been completed and the Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment is a shovel-ready project that the Shire hopes will attract Government funding. The Shire has commenced lobbying efforts with the State and Federal Governments.

The project was included in the 3-Year Broome COVID-19 Recovery Plan, which has been collated by the Shire and our Broome stakeholders to stimulate the local economy. More information and the plan can be viewed here.

The Shire Council endorsed the 2021-22 Budget at the June 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council, which includes a funding commitment of $867,815 towards the detailed design phase of the project.

Josh Byrne & Associates were selected as the preferred contractor to complete detailed design at the June 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council. A Community Engagement Plan was endorsed at the September 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council, while a Community and Stakeholder Reference Group endorsed at the November 2021 Council meeting - and the first meeting of the group on December 7, 2021.

Community consultation was undertaken in March 2022 and feedback on a 50% concept design was received.

What coastal protection measures are being undertaken ahead of the project?

At June 2021's Ordinary Meeting of Council, two coastal protection options were endorsed – sand nourishment and the implementation of an exposed geotextile sand container revetment.

Sand nourishment is based on increasing the coastal dune buffer using sand and will require ongoing coastal monitoring and maintenance of erosion buffers to be effective.

At a Special Council Meeting in December 2021, the option of exposed geotextile sand containers was discontinued, with the Council opting to explore the potential for a buried seawall being further investigated.

Where can I learn more?

The Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment project has its own website - click here.

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