Kimberley Youth Strategy

The Kimberley Regional Group - Shire of Broome, Shire of Derby/West Kimberley, Shire of Halls Creek and Shire of Wyndham/East Kimberley - has an ongoing commitment to working with others to build communities that foster the wellbeing of all young people.
By virtue of their age and stage of development young people bring unique perspectives, aspirations and needs that require specific approaches to engaging and supporting them. Young people are our future – giving particular focus to fostering the wellbeing of young people is in everybody’s best interest.
While the region has many assets and many of our young people are doing well; our young people face greater challenges than their metropolitan counterparts. Our remote locations pose many difficulties when trying to deliver sustainable support.
The wellbeing of young people is complex. There are a number of different factors that work together to increase the likelihood of young people being happy, healthy contributors to their communities. It is vital that when thinking about promoting outcomes for young people a broader understanding of the complexity of issues is understood.
It is important that this holistic approach and understanding is documented in strategies that include outcomes and mechanisms for monitoring how we are doing.
The strategic framework for young people (the framework) seeks to bring together the significant body of knowledge that is available for improving outcomes for young people with the already substantial effort and expertise that exists within the region to guide a strengthened regional approach to creating a youth friendly place to live.

Accordingly, this framework outlines a strategic approach to supporting young people through its statement of strategic intent, principles and priorities that provide a common understanding, direction and guidance for our approach. The framework is not intended to be prescriptive – it is designed to be responsive to a dynamic and changing environment.