Stinger Treatment

Treatment of Jellyfish Stings

There are many different treatments recommended for jellyfish stings around Australia, these range from hot water to ice massage. The only recommended treatment for jellyfish stings in tropical areas of Australia is as follows:

  • Call for help (dial 000, or send someone to get a lifesaver/Beach Inspector).
  • Commence CPR if necessary.
  • Flood the sting area with vinegar, this neutralises the stinging cells and will prevent further discharge of poison.
  • If symptoms such as nausea, backache, or difficulty breathing occur within 40 minutes of the sting, transport to hospital.


  • Pick of any remaining tentacles from the skin with a gloved hand or tweezers.
  • If there is skin pain, ice can be used following the application vinegar to reduce pain.

Note: hot water, ice, or sand will cause more venom to enter the body.

**The Shire of Broome would like to acknowledge the work of Lisa-ann Gershwin (Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Service), who has been extremely helpful in providing the Shire with up-to-date information and photos of stingers used in this website.