BRAC Events

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Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre hosts three major events annually, the Beach 2 Bay Virtual Swim, Dash & Splash Series and the BRAC 2 Beach Fun Run.

Beach 2 Bay Virtual Swim

Have you ever wondered how far it would be to swim from Broome’s beautiful Cable Beach, around Gantheaume Point, to Town Beach in Roebuck Bay?

Well, the answer is 20km, and that’s the distance of the Beach 2 Bay Virtual Swim.

The event is held entirely in the BRAC swimming pool and is designed to replicate the distance to swim from Cable Beach to Roebuck Bay.

For anyone wanting to get some training in beforehand, BRAC offers an Adult Swim Program on Tuesday evenings 6pm to 7pm and Thursday mornings 5.45am to 7am with a coach to offer training and stroke correction

Current Beach 2 Bay Virtual Swim Records 
  Name  Time Date
 Individual Male      
 Individual Female      
 Duo  Duggans Lil Weetbix 4:16.14 31 March 2019
 Team of Four Jesse's Thunder  4:40.14 8 April 2018
 Novelty Team  Sponsored 5:45.42 31 March 2019



Dash & Splash

Dash & Splash is a duathlon run swim event. Competitors can choose to take part in a short course or long course event. The short course is a 2km run with a 200m swim, while the long course is a 4km run with 400m swim. Take part in the series and see if you can beat everyone or do one event just to give it a go!

 The short course and long course events can be completed as an individual, or adult competitors can tackle the long course as a duo. Juniors have the option to tackle the short course as a duo or compete against the adults in the long course as a duo. Parents and their child can also team up and take on the short course together!

 Current Dash & Splash Records
  Date  Time Name Name
Long Course  Junior Male   6 April 2018  20:03 Jesse Evans  
 Junior Female  27 September 2019 23:54 Stevi Evans  
 Open Male  21 September 2018 18:35 Jesse Evans  
 Open Female 27 November 2020 23:58 Jude Millard  
 Short Course  Junior Male 19 September 2021 10.37 Travis Campbell  
 Junior Female 19 November 2021 11.34 Calli Cook  
 Open Male  27 September 2019 10:45 Daniel Ralph  
 Open Female 30 April 2021  11.30 Jude Millard  
 Team  Junior Team 6 April 2018  9:10 Shanessa Leak Stevie Carson
 Open Team  30 April 2021 18.05 Lochlan Penegar Max Meiers
 Parent Child Team  19 November 2021 10.47 Scotty Beatty Tate Beatty










BRAC 2 Beach 

Current BRAC 2 Beach Records
   Name Time Date
 4km Open Male  Sam Newton  15:44.30 29 July 2018
 4km Open Female  Jude Millard  16:41.85 21 July 2019
 4km Junior Male  Jordan Bacon  14:30.00 29 July 2018
 4km Junior Female  Olivia Forster  19:19.94 21 July 2019
 8km Open Male  Marco Morgado  27:31.63 21 July 2019
 8km Open Female  Kirsten Mastrolembo  32:08.28 21 July 2019
 8km Junior Male  Jesse Evans  33:03.30  29 July 2018
 8km Junior Female  Stevi Evans  38:21.60 29 July 2019
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 Friday 28 April 2023
 Friday 26 May 2023