Proposed amendments to Broome North Structure Plans

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The Shire of Broome is seeking public comment on proposed amendments to Broome North District Structure Plan, Broome North Local Structure Plan No.2 and Broome North Local Structure Plan No.3.

Broome North is a masterplanned 700ha development that when complete will double the size of Broome, providing housing, business opportunities and community facilities for a population of over 12,000 new residents.  

The amendments to the Broome North Structure Plans are submitted by DevelopmentWA – the State Government’s central development agency.

DevelopmentWA advises that the proposed amendments have been made in order to advance the provision for future housing, retail, commercial, education and public infrastructure (such as environmental corridors, parks & drainage) in response to current demand and anticipated population growth.

The structure plans propose the following key changes to the existing approved planning framework:

  • Introduction of a proposed District Centre in Local Structure Plan 3 on the corner of Gubinge Road and Fairway Drive as foreshadowed by the Shire’s adopted Local Commercial Strategy (2017).
  • The removal of the proposed Local Centre between Shingoro Street and Magabala Road as supported by Council on 25th February 2021.
  • The proposed relocation of the Broome North district open space in Local Structure Plan No.2 as presented to Council at the 25 October 2018. 

Submissions on the structure plan amendments should be lodged in writing on the form provided below. Submissions can be addressed to the Shire of Broome and mailed to PO Box 44, Broome WA 6725, emailed to or handed in to the Administration Office on Weld Street.  

Submissions are to be lodged on or before 4pm on 4 November 2021.

A plan showing the current and proposed structure planning framework is included below for your information;

  • Broome North District Structure Plan Amendment Technical Documents;
  1.  DSP Amendment 2 Cover Report(PDF, 2MB)  
  2.  District Development Plan Report Amendment No2(PDF, 24MB)
  3.  Broome North DSP Amendment Traffic Addenda(PDF, 2MB)
  4. Broome North Development BMP(PDF, 10MB)
  5. DSP Servicing Addendum(PDF, 198KB)
  6. Broome North DWMS Review of DSP2(PDF, 5MB)
  • Broome North Local Structure Plan 2 Amendment Technical Documents; 
  1. Broome North Structure Plan No.2(PDF, 25MB)
  2. Response to Council Resolution(PDF, 446KB)
  3. Broome North LDP 2 Bushfire Management Plan(PDF, 10MB)
  4. Gujarri Estate Landscape Report SP2(PDF, 4MB)
  5. Engineering Infrastructure Report(PDF, 16MB)
  6. Access and Movement Report(PDF, 1MB)
  7. Local Water Management Strategy 2016(PDF, 23MB)
  8. Local Water Management Strategy Addendum 2017(PDF, 515KB)  
  9. Noise Assessment(PDF, 21MB)
  • Broome North Local Structure Plan 3 Amendment Technical Documents.
  1. Broome North Local Development Plan 3 (Local Structure Plan) Addendum(PDF, 433KB)
  2. Local Structure Plan Addendum (Addendum No.1)(PDF, 38MB)
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