Kimberley leaders welcome Banned Drinkers Register

Published on 06 January 2021


The Kimberley Regional Group (KRG) warmly welcomed the announcement by Minister Papalia that the State will fund the Banned Drinkers Register, in conjunction with the KRG and member Shires.

The KRG, comprising the four Shires in the region, has been working towards mitigating the effects of alcohol related harm in the region for a number of years.

Efforts have been made to balance the opportunity for those seeking to have social levels of alcohol consumption with those who suffer from addiction, which may lead to antisocial behaviour including domestic and other violence, as well as the negative health impact for those consuming the alcohol.

The KRG is also strongly aware of a generation of youth who experience displacement or physical outcomes, such as foetal alcohol spectrum disorder associated with exposure to alcohol during pregnancy.

The Kimberley Regional Group were united in their view for controls needed to be put in place and agreed to fund a voluntary system of alcohol restrictions, monitored through a Takeaway Alcohol Management System – commonly known as TAMS.

"It was recognised that this was a “blunt instrument” however it was the only pathway available at the time and represented a considerable investment for the KRG and the member Shires," Chair of the KRG Cr Chris Mitchell said.

"The Banned Drinkers Register – the BDR - is a more sophisticated approach and I would like to acknowledge Minister Papalia, who was instrumental in the State deciding to include the Kimberley in the Pilbara trial of the BDR."

The BDR is a technology based identification system which prevents those on the Register accessing takeaway alcohol.

"With effective protocols and implementation strategies, we’re optimistic this will have a meaningful impact for the Kimberley," Cr Mitchell said.

"In conjunction with wrap-around services and police targeting sly-groggers, there is a real opportunity for meaningful change in the region which could have an intergenerational impact.

"The Kimberley Regional Group and member Shires have contributed to the funding of this trial and I also acknowledge the contribution of licensees, who have agreed to support the reduction in alcohol related harm through this trial.

 "This is a step forward for the region as a whole, and is a significant step forward for those wanting to make a change in their lives - and the lives of the children in the Kimberley."

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