Meet Broome's Community Citizen of the Year Award winners

Published on 27 January 2021


The Broome community turned out in droves to celebrate Australia Day at Town Beach on Tuesday morning.

A much-loved event organised by the town's exemplary service groups, 27 new Australian Citizens were welcomed to our community.

Broome's Community Citizen of the Year Award winners were also unveiled, as below.

Community Citizen of the Year Award for a Person Under 25 - Jac Coltman.

Jac showed incredible courage in a distressing situation last year and must be commended for his bravery.

On March 14, 2020, two women were swept off the rocks and into the water at Gantheaume Point in Broome.

Without concern for his own safety, Jac dived into the ocean in an attempt to rescue the women.

His bravery helped to ensure one of the women made it back to shore safely, but tragically the second woman could not be resuscitated.

Jac was subsequently awarded a Gold Cross Bravery Award by Royal Life Saving and recognised by local police for his selfless actions in facing treacherous and tragic circumstances.

Community Senior Citizen of the Year Award - Jan Lewis.

Jan has been an active member in the Broome and broader Kimberley community for many years, but the community around Solway Park particularly wanted to nominate Jan for her enormous efforts over the past five years in planting and maintaining native trees all throughout the surrounding stormwater ditches, and bringing the community together to help take care of them in the rare event she takes a break away from town.

Jan volunteers her time for many community organisations, including the Dinosaur Coast Management Group, Broome Bird Observatory, Environs Kimberley, SKIPAS, Feed the Little Children and St John of God Relationship Centre.

Jan’s tireless and continuous efforts to plant and water by hand over 100 native plants in Solway Park has enhanced the beauty of the area and brought back native wildlife to the neighbourhood.

Five years ago, the ditch was chest high with mint weed, and through Jan's persistent efforts is now all but eradicated, and replaced with carefully tagged trees and mulch.

Jan has invested her time to better the Broome community and is a fitting winner of this award.

Community Citizen of the Year Award’ for 2021 - Linley Cilia.

Linley is actively involved with a number of community groups in Broome. She is a volunteer member for the Broome St John Ambulance and completes a minimum of two 12-hour shifts each week, often staying up all night on call outs.

Every third week she is on the back-up roster and can be called out at any time during the week. In addition to this she is on the Ambulance Management Committee helping to organise upgrades and events for the Center.

Linley has provided medical support to the people of Broome for the past 28 years – an incredible effort I’m sure you’ll agree.

She volunteers as an ambulance officer at each speedway meeting and most community events. She is a member of the Broome Fire and Rescue and provides peer support counselling for all emergency departments.

Linley is actively involved in FESA as a volunteer when large fires and cyclones come to the region and is actively involved in the Emergency Services Lolly run.

She volunteers as a friend for the Kyle Andrews Foundation - all while being a full-time teacher. 

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