Request for Quotation; Shire of Broome's Art Collection

Published on 23 January 2023

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The Shire of Broome is seeking a suitably qualified consultant/s to catalogue, value and conserve the Shire of Broome’s art collection.

The Shire of Broome holds a collection of approximately 70 items of visual art, primarily 2D artworks, with some small sculptural works. The collection has been acquired through the Shinju Matsuri Acquisitive Art Prize and is currently exhibited across the Shire’s community facilities and stored at the Shire’s Administration Offices. The Shire requires consultant/s to provide services including:

  • Catalogue the collection
  • Assess each artwork’s conservation needs
  • Recommend and implement short-term conservation initiatives
  • Indicatively value the collection, identifying any pieces that would benefit from full fair market value appraisal
  • Make recommendations regarding the long-term storage requirements of the collection
  • Develop the basis for an exhibition policy, loan policy and rotation policy
  • Undertake engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

Quotation deadline: 12pm Monday, February 13, 2023

For more information please see the attached document and get in touch with the Shire’s Place Activation and Engagement Coordinator, Michaela Nutt, should you have any queries. 

Request-for-Quotation-Conservation-of-Shire-art-collection.pdf(PDF, 452KB)

Image credit: 2022 Shinju Matsuri Acquisitive Art Prize Winner:  Yikartu Bumba - "Juppur and Yittirr"


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