Severe Fire Danger Rating - and respecting emergency signage

Published on 16 August 2021


Today is a Severe Fire Danger Rating, which is currently expected to run until Wednesday. 

This means that should a fire start that it will be unpredictable, difficult to control and move very fast. 

Residents are reminded to be vigilant of any sign of fire in the area and report any issues to 000 - no fires should be lit regardless of precautions you may be taking.

Rangers discovered a vandalised Fire Danger Rating sign this morning. This is not the only recent instance where signs have been vandalised and the Shire have been unable to report important safety messages to the public.

These signs play an important role to the safety of our community and this type of behaviour is unacceptable. 

Any residents who may have witnessed this vandalism and have information to provide please call Broome Police on 9103 9000.

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