Shire Rangers targeting off-road vehicle use

Published on 13 April 2021


Shire of Broome Rangers have noticed a recent increase in inappropriate 4WD and off-road vehicle use around Broome. This can cause damage to the many natural and cultural values in the region and risk public safety.

Rangers are currently targeting off-road vehicles in Broome, including within the Yawuru Conservation Parks.

Recent joint operations involving Shire of Broome and DBCA Yawuru Rangers have intercepted 16 off-road vehicles for which compliance action has been taken.

Off-road or unregistered vehicles, including motorbikes, quads and buggies, may only be operated on private property with consent of the landholder.

Registered vehicles must stay on roads and designated areas. The dunes are off limits for all vehicles and substantial fines apply. 

For further information on off-road vehicle use, contact Shire of Broome Ranger Services on 9191 3456. For further information on the Yawuru Conservation Parks, contact Parks and Wildlife Service Broome on 9195 5500.




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