Shire calls housing meeting to address Broome rental shortage

Published on 16 April 2021


The Shire of Broome hosted a roundtable meeting with relevant stakeholders earlier this week in an attempt to address the current shortage of housing locally.

Communities across Australia are dealing with housing issues such as a lack of available rental properties, largely due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions and the return of Australian citizens from overseas.

Broome currently has a shortage of rental properties, with concerns over accommodation ahead of the impending tourist season as an influx of people prepare to travel to our town.

Attendees at the meeting on Tuesday, April 13 included representatives from Development WA, the Kimberley Development Commission, Nyamba Buru Yawuru, Department of Communities, Foundation Housing, and the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

Six Shire Councillors also attended to represent the Broome community.

The initial meeting was called in an effort to formulate both short and medium-term solutions to the issues Broome faces in the real estate market.

Shire of Broome deputy president Desiree Male said the meeting was productive, with some innovative ideas put forward that would now be examined in more detail.

“As a local government, the Shire has a limited role to play in relation to housing, but we want to get on the front foot and be part of the solution to what is a very concerning situation,” she said.

“By getting the key stakeholders to the table, the Shire is encouraging the identification of solutions and there has been a commitment from the working group to meet regularly moving forward.

“In relation to an immediate outcome from the meeting, relevant stakeholders have pledged to go away and examine current housing data, explore the potential short-term solutions that were raised and report back to the group at the next meeting.

“Broome is experiencing something of a perfect storm at the moment in relation to housing – but we certainly are not alone in that. Most communities across WA and indeed Australia face the same problem.

“However, working in collaboration with the housing agencies both locally and at State level, the Shire is confident of playing a role in finding solutions before the influx of tourists and seasonal workers in coming months.”

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