Shire looks to address housing shortage with Sanctuary Road project

Published on 04 August 2022


The Shire of Broome Council has endorsed the Business Case for an exciting new accommodation project that has the potential to help alleviate the housing shortage in our town.

The proposed new Sanctuary Road project has been devised by the Shire and would include tourist campsites, key worker accommodation and an over 55s village.

After significant work by Shire officers, Broome Councillors unanimously endorsed the project’s Business Case at last week’s Council meeting.

It will now become a high-priority project for the Shire, who will be advocating for Government support to make the new accommodation option a reality.

Shire of Broome president Harold Tracey said housing shortages were a major issue for our town and the Shire wanted to play a role in providing a solution.

“In our recent Community Scorecard process, the Broome community told us the lack of housing was an issue the Shire should try to remedy,” he said

“While it is not the role of a local government to construct homes and we have a limited role we can play, I think the proposed Sanctuary Road Caravan Park, Key Worker and Over 55s Village project would have a massive impact on Broome.

“The Shire hosted housing crisis roundtable meetings last year with relevant government departments and agencies, but with no real solution to the issue forthcoming, we are trying to take the initiative.

“Our project is shovel ready and would provide 420 sites for tourist accommodation and relocatable housing of different descriptions.

“We know that Broome needs housing for critical workers, cost-effective accommodation options and homes for people over 55.

“The Sanctuary Road Caravan Park, Key Worker and Over 55s Village would be a game-changer in relation to housing in our town and as such the Shire will now be advocating at State and Federal Government level to receive the required funding to get this impressive project off the ground.”

To learn more about the project, click here(PDF, 7MB).

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