Town Beach Jetty safety

Published on 07 December 2021


The new jetty at Town Beach is an exciting addition for our community and it has been fantastic to see so many people enjoying the facility.

Safety, however, is the Shire’s highest priority and unfortunately, on Sunday 5 December an incident involving the rescue of two children 100 metres from the jetty highlights the risks of jetty swimming with strong currents and high tides.

This is a serious matter and the strength of our tides and currents should not be underestimated, particularly after the turn of a high spring tide.

The Shire wants to reiterate the message that parents need to be supervising their children at all times.

The Shire has installed life rings on the jetty, for emergencies only and our regulations do state no swimming, no diving, no jumping and no fish cleaning and these need to be abided by for the safety of our community.

We want our community to enjoy the jetty, but we also want you to be safe.

Thank you for your understanding.

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