Work to restore Broome’s iconic Streeter’s Jetty to commence this week

Published on 30 August 2021


Work on Broome’s iconic Streeter’s Jetty is set to commence this week, with the Shire set to restore the important attraction to its former glory.

Structural investigations in 2020 found the jetty’s piles and bracing were failing, meaning it was a public safety risk and needed to be fully replaced.

Access to Streeter’s Jetty has been closed since February 2020 and the process to ensure it meets Australian standards for crowd loading and vessel berthing will now begin.

The removal of mangroves that have colonised around the jetty is required to allow the reconstruction and the Shire has the relevant permits to undertake this work. Cultural and Fauna monitors will be in place during these works.

After the removal of mangroves, the existing jetty will be carefully demolished and the timber salvaged.

The new structure will be constructed in likeness to the original in accordance with heritage approvals. It will be constructed with 14 steel piles and a steel frame hidden by timber decking, fascia boards, kerbs, handrails and a section of heritage façade, which will be constructed from historic materials to replicate the existing jetty.

Shire of Broome president Harold Tracey said restoring Streeter’s Jetty was an opportunity project and would play a role in the continued revitalisation of the Chinatown precinct.

“Streeter’s Jetty is a massively popular attraction for both local residents and tourists, but the fact is that the current structure is falling apart and must be reconstructed,” he said.

“While seeing the jetty be demolished will be distressing for some, it should be noted that this is the fifth time it has been demolished and rebuilt since it was first constructed in 1886.

“The Shire has engaged extensively with relevant stakeholders and the Heritage Council of Western Australia to make sure we get this project right and the new Streeter’s Jetty will be a big asset for our town once more.

“Specialist contractor SMC Marine will be assisted by Broome’s McCorry Brown Earthmoving this week to start the works – we thank the community for its patience as this project is undertaken.”

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