Cable Beach lifeguards wrap up their 2023 season

Published on 31 October 2023

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Contracted lifeguards from West Coast Water Safety have now finished patrolling Cable Beach for the 2023 season.

As with previous seasons, the career lifeguards worked collaboratively with the Broome Surf Life Saving Club volunteers throughout the dry season.

Their collective efforts succeeded in largely keeping locals and tourist safe during the busy season. 

In 2023, lifeguards were kept busy with 142,232 visitors recorded resulting in a total of 18 rescues, 94 first aid incidents, and responding to two heart attacks.

Recorded jellyfish stings increased in comparison to previous years, with 114 minor stings and three Irukandji stings treated between May and October.

West Coast Water Safety Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Emery said this increase is attributed to the effects of cyclone activity in April.

“Irukandji stings were up this year due to the effects of Cyclone Ilsa.

“This was an abnormal event, which I don't believe will be repeated short of more cyclones,” he said

Lifeguards will be back to Cable Beach on Good Friday, March 29, 2024

Cable Beach Lifeguard Statistics

  • Total beach visitors to the end of Sept = 142,232
  • Total Rescues to the end of Sept = 17
  • Total Major First Aids to the end of Sept = 14
  • Total minor First Aids to the end of Sept = 80
  • Total Stings treated (not included in above figures) = 87
  • Total Dogs removed from the beach to the end of Sept = 426
  • Total Cars removed from the swimming area to the end of Sept = 300
  • Total Wheelchair hire (days) = 10
  • Total Irukandji Stings = 3


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