Greenwaste and Mulch

Green waste is one of the highest volume materials dropped at the Waste Management Facility (WMF) annually.

Domestic loads are dropped off at the transfer station located at the WMF, while large commercial loads are directed to the Resource Recovery Area. All loads are processed through the weighbridge and fees apply to commercial operators.

In, or just after emergency situations such as a cyclone or a flood, loads may be directed straight to the Resource Recovery Area. Staff will be onsite to direct traffic during these times.

The green waste is stockpiled at the Resource Recovery Area and processed into mulch that can be used as a ground cover on your garden. It is also used extensively by the Council parks and garden staff on the gardens around town.

Throughout the year, mulch is generally available free of charge to commercial and domestic customers. However, there may be times during the year when mulch is not available.

Between the hours of 8-9am, Shire staff will load trailers (4x7m) free of charge. Outside these hours, patrons are required to self-load.

For commercial loads of mulch, please contact the Waste Management Facility on 9191 8777 prior to arrival.

To ensure the best recycle recovery rate of the green waste, all waste material must be separated and removed prior to delivery. Please ensure you have no waste products in your green waste when you drop it off at the WMF.  You may be charged full waste charges for contaminated loads.

Acceptable green waste items

  • Grass clippings
  • Prunings
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Bark
  • Sticks & small branches
  • Roots
  • Palm fronds   

DO NOT put in the green waste:

  • Noxious weeds
  • Plastic bags or bin liners
  • Garbage
  • Food Waste / Vegetable Peelings
  • Recyclables
  • Oils or Chemicals
  • Soil and Rocks
  • Bricks & Building Materials
  • Treated / Painted Timber
  • Composite wood products i.e. chipboard, melamine, MDF

Uncontaminated wood pallets are collected and mulched separately. Please ask the WMF staff about where to drop these off.