Tender Register

Tenders Awarded 2019

RFT19/01 - Service Delivery Review(PDF, 1MB)

RFT19/02 - Bathroom Renewal at Kimberley Regional Offices(PDF, 2MB)

RFT19/03 - Mulching of Green Waste(PDF, 52KB)

RFT19/04 - Removal and Disposal of Tyre's from the Broome Waste Management Facility(PDF, 50KB)

RFT19/05 - Supply and Delivery of Basecourse Materials(PDF, 51KB)

RFT19/06 - Supply and Application of Bituminous Sealing Works(PDF, 51KB)

RFT19/07- Concrete Crushing/Recycling(PDF, 52KB)

RFT19/08 - Scrap Metal and Car Bodies Recycling(PDF, 1MB)

RFT19/09 - BRAC 1 Youth Precinct - Pump Track(PDF, 2MB)

RFT19/10 - Construction - Town Beach Water Park(PDF, 3MB)

RFT19/11 - Supply and Application of Posi-Shell Daily Landfill Cover at Waste Management Facility(PDF, 1MB)

RFT19/12 - Town Beach Groyne Upgrade(PDF, 700KB)

RFT19/13 - Supply (hire or sale), Installation and Operation of a Takeaway Alcohol Management System at point of sale for takeaway packaged liquor outlets within the Broome and Derby Townships.

RFT19/14 - Provision and Implementation of Corporate Asset Management System.(PDF, 178KB)

RFT19/15 - Town Beach Water Park(PDF, 111KB)

RFT19/16 - BRAC Courts(PDF, 313KB)

Tenders awarded 2020

RFT20/01 - Provision of Beach Lifeguard Services(PDF, 781KB)

RFT20/02 - Supply of Survey Consultancy Services(PDF, 891KB)

RFT20/03 - Town Beach Jetty(PDF, 502KB)

RFT20/04 - Tyre Supply, Fitting & Associated Services(PDF, 1021KB)

RFT20/06 - Lease and Redevelopment of Roebuck Bay Caravan Park(PDF, 1MB)

RFT20/07 - Security Services(PDF, 971KB)

RFT20/08 - Chinatown Revitalisation Project Stage Two(PDF, 993KB)

RFT20/09 - Supply and Delivery of Pindan Material(PDF, 990KB)

RFT20/10 - Plant Supply and Service Panel(PDF, 457KB) - schedule of rates here(PDF, 1MB).

 RFT20/11 - Supply and Delivery of Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment(PDF, 185KB)

RFT20/12 - BRAC Indoor Sports Courts - Floor Replacement(PDF, 934KB)

RFT20/13 - Provision of Routine and Reactive Air- Conditioning Related Services(PDF, 559KB)

Tenders awarded 2021

RFT21/01 - Construction of Concrete Footpaths and Crossovers(PDF, 91KB)

RFT-21-02 - Provision of Beach Lifeguard Services.pdf(PDF, 274KB)

RFT21/03 - Streeter's Jetty Replacement(PDF, 333KB)

RFT21/04 - Broome Regional Skate Park(PDF, 561KB)

RFT 21/05 - Nipper Roe Sports Lighting(PDF, 381KB)

RFT 21/06 - Broome Surf Life Saving Club Redevelopment(PDF, 215KB)

RFT21/07 - Provision of Cable Beach Lifeguard Services(PDF, 518KB)

Tenders awarded 2022

RFT 22/01 - Broome Cemetery Perimeter Fence Installation(PDF, 284KB)

RFT 22/02 - Supply and Delivery of Concrete Products(PDF, 183KB)

RFT 22/03 - Supply and Application of Bitumen Sealing Works(PDF, 526KB)

RFT 22/04 - Supply and Delivery of Pindan Material(PDF, 158KB)

RFT 22/05 - Concrete Crushing / Recycling Services - Broome Waste Management Facility(PDF, 220KB)

RFT 22/06 - Provision of Security Services(PDF, 340KB)

RFT 22/07 - Frederick Street BSHS Carpark(PDF, 133KB)

RFT 22/08 - Supply and Delivery of Pindan Material(PDF, 481KB)

RFT 22/09 - Supply of Tyres and Related Services under a Pre-Qualified Supplier Panel (ongoing)(PDF, 389KB)