Find Your Future in Broome

The Shire, the Western Australian Government and the local business community want to see Broome develop and make the most of its opportunities, while retaining its unique culture and environment for the benefit of residents and visitors.

Over the next 20 years Broome’s population is expected to continue growing. If Broome was to experience periods of significant economic growth, the population is projected to reach between 27,000 and 43,000 by 2036.

There are many untapped opportunities throughout the town, Shire and the Kimberley. Global trends are delivering new opportunities to obtain a greater return on investment from the region. 

At first glance it might look like Broome is located in a remote part of Australia. The reality is that Broome is located within the most heavily populated and dynamic economic zone on the planet. 

Broome’s time zone is shared with more than 20 percent of the world’s population. That means 1.5 billion people are living and working just a few hours to the north of Broome by air, or a few days by sea. 

Businesses in Broome and surrounds are in close proximity to some of the world’s major cities, particularly those driving global growth, such as Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Shanghai. 

Within Australia, Broome sits between the expanding cities of Perth and Darwin. Perth is approximately 2200 km to the south, with Darwin approximately 1800 kms to the north. Broome has excellent road and air links to both centres and good air links to other major Australian cities. Telecommunications infrastructure is expanded by the rollout of the National Broadband Network, allowing Broome to take advantage of the substantial global economic changes that are currently sweeping the world.