Litter Control

secure your load

Litter includes any articles or materials abandoned or unwanted by the owner. A person found depositing litter on land or in any waters commits an offence. Maximum fines of up to $1000 may apply.

The driver of any vehicle transporting an unsecured load that is not contained, fastened or covered risks a $200 on the spot fine, even if littering has not occurred.

Litter infringements issued by the Shire of Broome are payable by post or at the Shire office.

What you can do to help reduce litter from unsecured loads

  • When transporting any materials, always tie down your load before you take off.
  • Cover garden refuse with a tarpaulin or trailer net.
  • Restrain furniture and white goods with good quality straps.
  • Use webbing or straps to restrain cardboard boxes.
  • Don’t carry loose tools in the back – use a restrained toolbox.
  • Larger tools (e.g. garden tools like shovels) should be restrained by ropes, straps or a trailer net if they are not adequately contained by the body.
  • When carrying loads, periodically inspect your vehicle to make sure it is safe and secure.
  • If you are someone who does the right thing, register as a litter reporter and report littering from unsecured vehicles or trailers.