All Infringements issued by Ranger Services are payable at the Shire office. Infringements not paid by the due date will be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry and may result in Motor Driver's License suspension.

How do I appeal a parking infringement notice?

An infringement may be reviewed if the driver can show that special circumstances contributed to receiving the infringement. Supporting evidence of exceptional circumstances may be required. Examples of circumstances where a parking infringement appeal will not be accepted include:

  • My appointment ran overtime
  • I was in a hurry and there was nowhere else to park I did not see the sign(s)
  • The sign was confusing
  • My training course went longer than expected
  • The restaurant service was slow
  • My phone call was too important
  • My meeting with a client ran overtime

The Shire of Broome will only accept an infringement appeal from the driver of the vehicle to which the infringement relates. Requests will not be accepted verbally by phone or in person.

For all infringement reviews, please complete the Review of Infringement Application Form.