Caravan Parks, Camping and Accommodation



General information 

We are sure that you’ll agree that Broome and the surrounding areas are spectacular and iconic locations. Please help us ensure it stays that way by -  

  • Book ahead to avoid disappointment. There has been a significant increase in the popularity of tourism in the Kimberley which as a remote area puts pressure on the availability of goods and services.
  • Managing your waste. Dump points are very limited on the Dampier Peninsula. Protect our local environment from surprise blackwater overflows by ensuring you use the dump points in Broome or along the Great Northern Highway.  
  • Take your toilet paper, food scraps and other rubbish with you. Even biodegradable products don’t break down as quickly as you think they might and no one likes finding used toilet paper in the bush. 
  • Being kind to the community. Many businesses are struggling to get staff and may be experiencing supply issues, and deeply appreciate your support. Please be patient and respectful. Do not enter private property or a community without prior approval.  


Registered caravan parks in the Shire of Broome  

Caravan parks in Broome  

  • Broome Caravan Park  
  • Broome Gateway  
  • Broome Vacation Village  
  • Cable Beach Caravan Park  
  • Discovery Park Broome  
  • RAC Cable Beach Holiday Park  
  • Roebuck Roadhouse 
  • Tarangau

Caravan Parks on the Dampier Peninsula 

  • Cygnet Bay (Nature based)  
  • Djarindin Roadhouse (Transit Park) 
  • Middle Lagoon (Nature Based)  

Other Caravan Parks  

  • Anna Plains Station (Nature Based)  
  • Barn Hill Caravan Park  
  • Broome Bird observatory (Nature Based)   
  • Eighty Mile Caravan Park   
  • Port Smith Caravan Park   
  • Sandfire Roadhouse   

Nature based parks will provide limited facilities and amenities. Transit parks have a maximum of 3 night stay and may have limited amenities. Contact the park directly to find out more. 

For more information on options and site availability please contact the Broome Visitor Centre on (08) 9195 2200 or visit their website.

Caravan park temporary overflow facilities

Overflow facilities may operate once the permanent facilities in Broome are nearing capacity. These facilities provide emergency short-term accommodation for travelers. They cannot be booked in advance and there is no guarantee of availability. You can only stay at a temporary caravan park for a maximum of 7 nights. 

Camping outside of a caravan park  

There are conditions relating to where people may camp under the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Act 1995. Camping in a tent or caravan outside of a licenced caravan park requires the following approvals- 

  • Up to 3 nights on private property requires approval from the landowner only 
  • More than 3 nights up to 3 months requires approval from the landowner and local government  
  • More than 3 months up to 12 months requires approval from the landowner, local government and the Minister 
  • Up to 12 months during the construction of a dwelling, once a building license has been issued and the concrete slab or equivalent has been laid. Requires local government approval only.

Submit you application to camp outside a caravan park here - Application to Camp Outside of a Caravan Park

Constructing in a Caravan Park

If you are considering constructing a patio, rigid annex, carport or any other structure you are required to apply for approval from the Shire of Broome. You must also apply for approval to bring a parkhome into a caravan park. Prior to seeking Shire approval please discuss your proposal with the caravan park manager, as you will require a letter of support from them. An ‘Application to Construct in a Caravan Park’ will need to be submitted to the Shire. A building application may also be required. 

Submit your application to construct in a caravan park here - Application to Construct in a Caravan Park

The following setbacks apply in a caravan park: 

Infographic - caravan park setbacks.JPG



Information for Caravan Park Operators  

Caravan parks must be registered with their local government and are subject to routine inspections.  

New Caravan Parks 

Approvals are required from the Shires Planning, Building and Health services before a park is permitted to operate.  

A caravan park must comply with the Caravan Park and Camping Grounds Act 1995 and associated regulations for a license to be issued to the facility.  

Other approvals may be required, such as the sale of food, establishing an aquatic facility, installation of an onsite wastewater treatment system.  

Existing Caravan Parks  

Caravan Park operators must submit a license renewal application annually.  

No changes or expansion of the park can be undertaken without prior approval from the shire of Broome. An application to construct within a caravan park must be submitted, along with relevant Building applications to the Shire of Broome.  

Caravan parks with long stay caravan sites are permitted to have a maximum of 40% of the total caravan sites used for long stay.  

Submit your application here - Application for Grant or Renewal of Caravan Park/ Campground Licence

In an emergency 

Remember, once you are outside the townsite you are in a remote area. Emergency services are limited and you must be prepared to deal with many situations on our own. Emergency services may not be able to assist for many hours after an incident due to the vast distances between towns.  

If you are instructed to move by an authorised officer and/or emergency services (for example police, DFES, rangers) you must move. Penalties may be applied where people fail to comply with any lawful direction from an Authorised Officer. Do not put staff and volunteers at risk by ignoring emergency directions.  

In the Kimberley, the bushfire season is between June and October, however out of control fires may threaten at any time.  

Fire or life threatening emergencies: 000  

Department Fire and Emergency Services public information: 13 3337 or EmergencyWA

SES Emergency Assistance: 132 500  

Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) - National Weather Warnings: 1300 659 210