Bookings and Events

The climate, culture and lifestyle of Broome make it the ideal location for hosting special events, functions and festivals.  With a growing population, world class tourism facilities and natural attractions that are the envy of towns across Australia, an event in Broome is a celebration in itself. Broome plays host to a wide variety of cultural, economic, sporting and artistic events which enrich the lifestyle of locals and enhance our visitor’s experiences.

Venue options are abundant and include but are not limited to; beaches, public reserves and the Cable Beach Amphitheatre. Alternatively the Broome Civic Centre and the Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre (BRAC) are equipped to hold both small and large scale events and are available for hire.

Step 1 - Application Process

Step 2 - Review Process

  • Commence application review process
  • Request additional documentation or information from applicant
  • Internal departmental review
  • Where required present to Council for consideration

Step 3 - Approvals

  • Provide cost estimate for any additional fees and send booking confirmation to applicant
  • Applicant returns booking confirmation and pays all fees
  • Complete internal review process
  • Issue permit

Step 4 - Finalisation and events delivery

  • Submit final documents required as per Event Permit, to the Shire
  • Event delivered in accordance with Event Permit issued

From conferences to community meetings and fundraisers to performances, Broome Civic Centre has a space to suit events of all sizes. This iconic Broome landmark has been cleverly refurbished and includes electronic presentation equipment, technical support staff, catering facilities and a fully operational bar.

Further information on the Civic Centre please click here.

Venues at the Broome Recreation & Aquatic Centre are available for hire. For further information contact the Broome Recreation & Aquatic Centre or simply navigate to the BRAC venue page.

Organising a wedding is a very special time and Broome has many beautiful locations to hold a wedding. You can choose the type of location that best meets your needs from red cliffs, white sandy beaches to grassed areas overlooking the ocean.

If you are organising your own wedding it is very important that all details of the proposed event, the organiser’s contact details and details of any infrastructure to be used such as arches, arbours or marquees are included in your application.

The Shire has developed Event Guidelines(PDF, 2MB) that provide important information relating to the organiser’s responsibilities. These are available on our website or you can contact our events team for further advice.

You can apply for your wedding venue booking using our online application form here.

Event Permit Application Fees are charged in accordance with the Shire of Broome Schedule of Fees and Charges(PDF, 308KB)  and a bond may be applicable for the hire of a Shire of Broome Venue.

Please note Any additional costs incurred from your event that are above the original invoiced amount are to be paid to the Shire of Broome.

The Shire of Broome overhead banner frame on Hamersley Street and various smaller pole banner sites are available for hire by not-for-profit community organisations, government departments and other organisations to publicise events considered appropriate by the Shire.

Events should promote Broome or the Broome lifestyle and be a significant sporting, cultural, recreational, educational, community or tourism related activity.

The form below, Section 9 - Banner Hire needs to be completed to hire a banner site. 

 Section 9 - Banner Hire