Events General Information

If you're organising a public event you will likely need some approvals. An event application and/or public space booking is required for most events.

What is an event?

An event is a gathering of people brought together for a common purpose by some prearrangement. Events may include activities such as:

  • Community events and fundraisers;
  • Gatherings run as a commercial activity;
  • Ceremonies and processions;
  • Sporting and competitor events – marathons, triathlons, organised swims, and other similar events;
  • Shows and fairs including circuses, carnivals, and other customised venue-based events;
  • Festivals, concerts, exhibitions and expos.

Do I need to complete an event application form?

An event application is required if you are holding an event in a public place or involves activities such as food or alcohol, music or entertainment, stalls, amusement rides or bouncy castles, and structures being installed.

A public place includes Shire reserves, beaches, parks, roads, road reserves and other areas generally open for use by the public. A public place can also be privately owned land, if the public is allowed to use the land for the event.

To understand the application process click here.

Your event will generally not require an event permit if it:

  • Is held and run by an educational premises, including primary, secondary, and tertiary educational facilities;
  • Is held and run by a religious centre, including churches and worship centres; or 
  • Is held in a public park or reserve and is an activity considered to be general recreation, including private family gatherings and parties.

If you are unsure, please send an event enquiry to and we will let you know what is required. 

When is a space booking required?

Bookings are necessary if you wish to hold an event on one of the Shire's parks, reserves or beaches. A booking is also required if you are organising a social gathering with a bouncy castle or other such activities which would impact other users of the park. 

Please navigate to the SpacetoCo website to find and book a suitable location.