Disability Access and Inclusion Plan


After an extensive public consultation period a new Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) for 2023-2028(PDF, 2MB) has been formulated and endorsed by Broome Shire Council in the July 2023 Ordinary Meeting of Council (OMC).

The purpose of the DAIP is to ensure that all people, including people with disability, are welcome and included in the Shire, and have access to its buildings, information, public consultations, complaints processes, services, and employment opportunities. The DAIP was written in consultation with key stakeholders, including people with a disability, their families and supporters, and the wider community. 

Responsible officers with The Shire of Broome are currently making progress on the suggested outcomes from the DAIP.

The new DAIP replaces the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2018-2023(PDF, 4MB)

For any queries please contact shire@broome.wa.gov.au.