Working with us

As one of the largest employers in town, the Shire of Broome is responsible for providing and maintaining a variety of essential and important services and facilities to residents and visitors.

At the Shire of Broome our people are fundamental to our success. We are focused on creating an inclusive workplace with the right people in the right roles, who are proactive, empowered and appropriately rewarded.

We strive to be a workplace filled with employees who live and breathe our values of PEARLS.

Proactive                     Proactive, forward thinking, open-minded and innovative.

for Everyone               for Everyone; inclusive and welcoming of all people.

Accountable                Accountable, transparent and ethical.

Respectful                   Respectful of everyone and everything.

Listening                     Listening to people’s needs and ideas; community focused.

Sustainable                 Sustainable, aiming to meet present needs without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs.

Working for the Shire of Broome is an opportunity to increase skills, enhance knowledge and be part of a team focused on the future of this unique and special town in the Kimberley.

Benefits include:

  • Annual Leave: Up to five weeks annual leave,
  • You will be entitled up to fifteen (15) Personal / Carer’s leave days per year. 
  • Thirteen (13) weeks after ten (10) years continuous Local Government service, transferable between Local Authorities in Western Australia.
  • Superannuation Guarantee:  Council currently contributes 10% of fortnightly salary.
  • Additional Superannuation contributions (optional): Council currently contributes up to an additional 6% (to a total of 16%) of fortnightly salary when an employee contributes a minimum of 6% of their fortnightly salary.  If this option is taken, there is 22% contributed to the employee’s Superannuation account; 16% from the Employer and 6% from the employee.
  • Attractive salary packages.
  • Uniforms. 
  • Employee & family membership for Broome Aquatic and Recreation Centre.
  • Flexible working arrangements: The Shire is supportive of various flexible working arrangements, which may include time in lieu, leave without pay, part-time work, job-share arrangements, variations to ordinary hours and phased retirement.
  • Additional Assistance and Allowances are extra cash benefits paid to employees in addition to their salary level and forms part of your standard fortnight salary.