Unregistered tattooists put on notice

Published on 28 May 2024

tattoo gun

It has been brought to the Shire's attention that several people have been promoting their tattoo and piercing businesses on social media without our approval to run such a venture.

In accordance with the Health (Skin Penetration Procedures) Regulations 1998, it is illegal to provide body art services without notifying your local government and receiving approval to trade. 

Penalties may apply. If a tattooist has yet to register with the Shire and wishes to continue trading, they must contact our Environmental Health team at (08) 9191 3456.

How bad can a backyard tattoo be?

Tattoos carried out in less-than-ideal unregulated locations can significantly increase the risk of fungal, bacterial and viral infections. 

Saving money by using an unregistered tattooist can cost you a lot more in the long run. Choose a licensed establishment that is regulated to ensure your safety and reduce the likelihood of infection or blood-borne diseases including Hepatitis B and C.

Any businesses undertaking skin penetration activities, including tattooing, waxing, nail salons, and acupuncture (to name a few), must notify the Shire and receive approval to trade.

For more information regarding the regulation of skin penetration premises, please contact the Shire’s Environmental Health Team on (08) 9191 3456.


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