Waste Management Facility


Broome Waste Management Facility (WMF) is a Class II solid waste landfill that is licensed by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).  This site consists of a landfill, and a transfer station to allow for separation of material and reduce traffic at the tip face. The Shire of Broome  also operates a licensed Resource Recovery Area (RRA) for stockpiling and recycling of green waste, concrete, tyres, glass, wood pallets and metal.

Broome Waste Management Facility and the Resource Recovery Area operate in accordance with an Environment Protection Licence (EPL), The licence requires Council to perform environmental monitoring and recording and submit an annual report to ensure the facilities are having minimal impact on the environment. 

Groundwater is tested onsite on a quarterly basis to ensure there is no pollution into the surrounding groundwater systems. The Shire monitors all pollutants on site to ensure a safe environment.

Location and Opening Hours

Buckleys Road, Broome.

Open: 7 days a week; 7.30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Saturday, and 8am to 2pm on Sunday.

Closed: New Year's Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.

Phone: 9191 8777.

EFTPOS and cash are accepted, and account transactions are available for regular users. 

The facility closes in some wet weather events and for other environmental issues. For updates on closures within normal operating hours, please contact the Shire Customer Service Team on 9191 3456 or the WMF on 9191 8777.


Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges are updated on 1 July , annually. Fees are set to encourage diversion of waste from landfill and encourage sorting, reuse and recycling.

For fees and charges, please click here(PDF, 127KB) .

Please ensure that separated loads are not contaminated. Fees and charges apply to loads that are deemed contaminated.

Safety on site 

Safety procedures are in place for your protection and must always be adhered to. 

  • Obey speed limits, signs and staff instructions
  • Enclosed footwear must be worn
  • Keep children and pets inside your vehicle
  • No smoking on site
  • Cover your load until you are at the disposal site
  • Follow signs and direction on site

Recyclable material accepted 

The Broome Waste Management Facility provides the community with a number of options for recycling. Customers are required to separate and sort material for reuse

Landfill staff will direct you to the correct areas on arrival at the facility. 

A drop off recycle and reuse area is operational in the dry season only (April to November).

The following  items are accepted at the landfill facility for recycling and reuse:

Free Recycling: 

  • Electronic waste (e-waste)*, (domestic and commercial) 
  • Fluorescent light globes and tubes (domestic)
  • Car batteries (domestic and commercial)
  • Drum muster drums (domestic and commercial)
  • Mobile phones (domestic and commercial)
  • Printer cartridges (domestic and commercial)
  • AAA & AA batteries (domestic)
  • Paper/cardboard (domestic)
  • Type 1 & 2 plastics (domestic)
  • Beverage glass (domestic)
  • Motor and other oils (domestic)
  • Green waste (domestic)
  • Resaleable items – op shop items (domestic and commercial)

Please note: Community members are asked to wipe all hard drives prior to recycling e-waste at the landfill. The Shire takes no responsibility for information left on hard drives disposed in the recycling area.

  Recycling  where charges apply

  • Motor oils (commercial)
  • Other oils(commercial)
  • Green waste (commercial)
  • Concrete (commercial)
  • Glass (commercial)
  • Metal (commercial)
  • Tyres (Domestic and commercial)

Electronic waste (or e-waste)*

The following electronic equipment is accepted at the landfill: 

  • TVs and DVDs
  • Computers, laptops, monitors and printers
  • CD drives, hard drives and cables

Please note: other electrical items are not accepted as electronic waste. 

Other waste and recycling services

drumMUSTER provides a drop off point for eligible agricultural and veterinary chemical containers at the Broome Waste Management Facility. The service is available year-round. For more information please visit www.drummuster.org.au.


  • Flares are not permitted to be disposed of at the WMF. Flares can cause fires that can have a major environmental impact.  If you need to dispose of a flare, please contact your local Department of Transport (DoT)

Medical/ Quarantine waste

  • Medical and quarantine waste require tracking forms and specialised burial.  Please contact the Waste Facility 24 hours prior to burial and for any information.


The Shire of Broome waste department requires people to contact the landfill on 9191 8777 to book in disposal of asbestos.

  • For less than a cubic metre, the Shire requires two hours' notice.
  • For 1 - 5 cubic metres, the Shire requires 48 hours' notice.
  • For larger loads, greater than 5 cubic metres and including house demolitions, the Shire requires seven days' notice.

Waste Management Forms

Waste Management Facility Asbestos Acceptance Checklist(DOC, 592KB)

C&D Resource Recovery Site Waste Acceptance Checklist(DOC, 595KB)

Information on applying for bin replacements, commercial and domestic service changes/additions can be found here.