Waste Vouchers

Waste Vouchers

Six waste vouchers are issued each financial year to all residential properties that receive a domestic waste service. Vouchers are attached to the first rates notice issued in July each year. 

The following conditions of use apply: 

  • Vouchers are only valid for use at the Broome Waste Management Facility.

  • Vouchers can only be used for domestic household waste.

  • Each voucher can be used to dispose of up to one trailer (7 x 4) or equivalent load.

  • Vouchers cannot be used for disposing of mattresses, tyres, gas bottles or special waste such as asbestos.

  • Vouchers are valid for 12 months.

  • Vouchers must be presented at the time of disposal.

  • Replacement vouchers can be issued by visiting the Shire Administration building at the corner of Weld and Hass Street.

  • Vouchers are sent out with the Council rates notice. Renters are encouraged to request vouchers from their landlord/property manager.

  • Each voucher is given a unique bar code. Resale of vouchers may result in the user being identified and the voucher rendered void.

  • Commercial property waste services do not include vouchers

  • Not for profit organisations that receive a domestic kerbside service are eligible for tip vouchers.

Alternative Waste Arrangements 

For residents outside the waste management service area, alternate service arrangements are available through a self haul voucher system. Residents can drop into the Shire Administration Office between 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday, to obtain a voucher. A cost applies. These vouchers allow for up to 999 visits to the landfill. Commercial customers cannot access this voucher.