Trading in Public and Outdoor Dining

Trading in a public place within the Shire of Broome requires a Trading in Public Place Licence for which you need to apply for approval. This is to ensure any activities in public places occur at locations appropriate for public safety and access, including the applicant's safety and that activities do not adversely impact on the amenity of the area.

It allows for the operation of trading activities in public places in such a manner that they do not conflict with, or prejudice, the Shire’s permanent retail business.

Applicants must comply with the Shire of Broome's Trading Outdoor Dining and Street Entertainment Local Law 2016(PDF, 355KB) and the Trading in Public Places Policy(PDF, 2MB), and need to complete an application form and submit it to the Shire of Broome for approval. Note: All Food Vendors who want to obtain a Trading in Public Licence are required to be registered with the Shire under the Food Act 2008.

Trading locations

  • The Shire does not generally approve traders to operate from the verge of a main road. A main road includes any main arterial road or a road where the speed limit exceeds 60km/h.
  • Annual Traders are required to apply to have their permit renewed prior to the expiry date. There is no guarantee that a permit will be renewed as applications must be reassessed by the Shire.
  • It is a requirement that each trader holds Public Liability Insurance cover for a minimum value of $10 million.

Fees and charges

A Trader's Permit attracts an application fee and a renewal fee. There is also a fee to transfer the permit.

Process of Application Assessment

On submission of the completed application form (including risk management plan) and application fee, your application will be allocated to an Environmental Health Officer who will assess your proposal. The assessing officer will refer the application to other departments within the Shire to obtain comments and proposed conditions that may be applied to an approval. A final decision on the application will be made during a Development Compliance meeting.

An inspection of all food stalls and vehicles will be carried out to determine compliance with the relevant health regulations and conditions. Where an applicant proposes to trade in a location that is on or abuts land that is not local government property, but is under the control of a public authority (i.e. Main Roads WA), it will be necessary to obtain comments/approval from the authority. If the application is proposed to trade on private property it will be required to gain approval from the land owner prior to submission of the application (note planning approval may also be required).

Once approval has been granted, you will be required to pay the applicable fees prior to the commencement of operations.