Health Services Overview

Environmental Health is a branch of public health that deals with the physical, chemical and biological factors that affect human health in the places we live and work. It includes air quality, sanitation, safe housing, management of pests, safe and suitable food, noise emissions and drinking water. 

Our key responsibilities include: 

  • Food Safety: registration of food businesses, routine inspections, investigations, food sampling programs and food safety education.
  • Hazardous materials: asbestos and contaminated sites.
  • Housing and accommodation: Caravan parks and camping grounds, lodging houses, houses unfit for habitation.
  • Pest and vector control: mosquito management, complaints relating to insects and vermin.
  • Pollution and nuisance control: air quality, mould, noise and other pollution. 
  • Safe water: monitoring of drinking water in areas not connected to scheme water, recreational water quality and public swimming pool water quality
  • Waste water: approval of onsite treatment of waste water and greywater.
  • Public Buildings and Events: Issuing public building certificates for venues where the public gathers, issuing event approvals, routine inspections of events and public buildings..
  • Trading in Public Places: Regulation of mobile businesses.

Quick Stats for Shire of Broome: 

  • There are more than 250 registered food businesses.
  • There are around 100 registered public pools 
  • Environmental Health Officers respond to about 1000 general enquires a year and issue more than 350 permits annually.