Review of Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme No.6


The Shire’s Local Planning Strategy (the Strategy) and Local Planning Scheme No 6 (the Scheme), guide land use and development within the Shire of Broome. To have an effective planning framework, State regulations require that Local Government’s perform regular reviews of their Strategies and Scheme’s.

The Shire has commenced the process of it’s review of the Strategy and Scheme, and a Report of Review (the Report), which can be accessed here(PDF, 473KB) was adopted by Council at the February 2020 Ordinary Meeting of Council. 

The Report has been considered by the Western Australian Planning Commission and a copy of the decision can be accessed here(PDF, 257KB).

The recommendation of the Report is: 

That Council, pursuant to Regulation 66(3) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 recommend to the Western Australian Planning Commission that:

1. The Shire of Broome Local Planning Strategy should be reviewed and informed by a comprehensive consultation process; and

2. The Shire of Broome Local Planning Scheme No 6 requires review, a new Local Planning Scheme No 7 should be prepared and Local Planning Scheme No 6 be repealed upon gazettal of the new local planning scheme. 

A Community Engagement Plan will be prepared and adopted to guide the consultation and engagement with the community to inform the preparation of the new Strategy and Scheme, which is likely to commence in July 2020. 

A copy of the Report and WAPC’s decision is also available for viewing at the Shire Administration Building. 

Further information will be made available on the community engagement shortly. 

If you have any further questions, please contact the Shire of 9191 3456 and ask to speak to a Planning Officer.