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31/12/2017 - Cyclone Update 31 December 2017(PDF, 77KB)  

29/12/2017 - Cyclone Update 29 December 2017 (PDF, 176KB)

Media Release - Busy season concludes for Cable Beach Lifeguards(PDF, 94KB)  

Media Release - New leadership for Broome Shire Council(PDF, 95KB)

Media Release - Call for witnesses to serious dog attack(PDF, 93KB)

Media Release - Protecting our turtles with temporary beach closures(PDF, 94KB)

Media Release - KidSport keeps kicking goals for young people(PDF, 97KB)

Media Release - Nominate an unsung hero in our community(PDF, 93KB)

Media Release - Survey to guide club development initiatives(PDF, 97KB)  

Media Release - Are you interested in being a Shire Councillor?(PDF, 95KB)

Media Release - Join the fun and run from BRAC to Cable Beach(PDF, 94KB)  

Media Release - Green light for exciting Town Beach upgrades(PDF, 85KB)  

Media Release - Firebreak failures increase bushfire risk in Broome(PDF, 98KB)  

Media Release - Beach Books and Storytime to celebrate Library Week(PDF, 82KB)  

Media Release - Broome’s biggest fun run back for seventh year(PDF, 145KB)  

Media Release - Funding boost for Broome community groups(PDF, 136KB)  

Media Release - Kookoo Kookaburra flying into Broome (PDF, 238KB)

Media Release - Dash n Splash breaking records in 2017(PDF, 95KB)  

Media Release - CCTV project to improve community safety(PDF, 96KB)  

Media Release - Lifeguards back to patrol Cable Beach(PDF, 95KB)  

Media Release - Town Beach closed following jellyfish sting(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Short film festival to celebrate Harmony Day(PDF, 93KB)  

Media Release - Further fogging as Shire manages mosquitoes(PDF, 85KB)  

Media Release - Renewed aquatic facility to make a splash(PDF, 95KB)  

Media Release - Remembering the Broome Air Raid after 75 years(PDF, 126KB)  

Media Release - Fogging scheduled following rise in mosquito numbers(PDF, 129KB)  

Media Release - More support for Broome sports clubs(PDF, 171KB)  

Media Release - Local heroes lauded on Australia Day(PDF, 113KB)  

Media Release - Fireworks and family fun to mark Australia Day (PDF, 124KB)

Media Release - Town Beach closed following jellyfish sting(PDF, 120KB)  

Media Release - Cyclone preparedness urged ahead of Christmas (PDF, 122KB)

Media Release - Planning progressing on safe boat harbour(PDF, 121KB)  

Media Release - Community groups encouraged to apply for funding(PDF, 126KB)  

Media Release - Call to postpone Broome heritage assessment(PDF, 124KB)  

Media Release - Heritage move a damaging step for Broome(PDF, 124KB)  

Media Release - Bushland back open after asbestos clean-up(PDF, 124KB)

Media Release - Lifeguard season draws to a close(PDF, 124KB)  

Media Release - Time running out to recognise outstanding citizens(PDF, 122KB)  

Media Release - New role to boost business in Chinatown(PDF, 124KB)  

Media Release - Chinatown Cultural Centre investigation underway(PDF, 125KB)  

Media Release - Cruise ship investment paying dividends(PDF, 112KB)  

Media Release - Broome community have their say on urban renewal(PDF, 118KB)  

Media Release - Chance to recognise Broome’s outstanding citizens(PDF, 171KB)  

Media Release - Temporary beach closures protecting our turtles(PDF, 122KB)  

Media Release - Free pre-cyclone rubbish collection coming soon(PDF, 112KB)  

Media Release - Council to meet in Bidyadanga Community(PDF, 119KB)  

Media Release - Bushland remains closed after asbestos confirmation(PDF, 122KB)  

Media Release - Key appointments for Chinatown Revitalisation(PDF, 124KB)  

Media Release - Bushland closed after possible asbestos discovery(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Work to start on aquatic facility facelift(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - New plan to tackle coastal vulnerability (PDF, 25KB)

Media Release - Community input sought on urban renewal(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Facelift for Broome aquatic facility(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Puppetry show with a message heads to Broome(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Take the challenge in Broome's annual fun run(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - New road connection opens up Chinatown (PDF, 25KB)

Media Release - Plant thefts costing the community(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Head to the beach for Library and Information Week(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Beach laws accommodate dogs and horses(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Connecting Broome’s recreational trails(PDF, 24KB)  

Media Release - Funding help for Broome community groups(PDF, 33KB)  

Media Release - Upgrades for Town Beach playground(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Community views sought on Cable Beach strategy(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Upgrades to improve road safety at intersection (PDF, 23KB)

Media Release - Broome prepares to commemorate Anzac Day(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Lifeguards back on Cable Beach beat(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Beautiful local tale at Broome Civic Centre(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Broome hosts National Youth Week launch(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Volunteers again support Sport in Focus Week(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Browse decision unfortunate for Broome(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Free film festival to celebrate Harmony Day(PDF, 93KB)  

Media Release - Workshop series to build Broome sports clubs(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Remembering the air raid on Broome(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - New Shire Directory now being delivered(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Key Chinatown project gets green light(PDF, 24KB)  

Media Release - Youth Advisory Council a voice for young people(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Town Beach closed after jellyfish sting(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Cable Beach closed after stinger influx(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Sporting season launch a boost for clubs(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Short stay facility agreement is welcome news(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Local achievers recognised in Australia Day awards(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Fireworks and family fun for Australia Day(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Entrance Point beach closed after jellyfish stings(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Broome agencies come together to tackle crime(PDF, 26KB)  

Media Release - Town Beach closed after jellyfish sting(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Amnesty encourages responsible pet ownership(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Historic Streeter's Jetty gets some TLC(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - BRAC pool closed for pump repair(PDF, 23KB)

Media Release - Broome youth the focus of new strategy(PDF, 25KB)  

Media Release - Shire pushes for local agriculture investment(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - New Broome Shire Councillors take their place(PDF, 22KB)  

Media Release - Time to recognise Broome’s local heroes(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Run and swim your way to fitness and fun(PDF, 118KB)  

Media Release - Free pre-cyclone rubbish collection on the way(PDF, 23KB)  

Media Release - Upgrade to busy intersection gets underway(PDF, 23KB)

Media Release - Temporary beach closures protect our turtles(PDF, 23KB)

Media Release - Shire funding help for community groups(PDF, 30KB)

Media Release - Rangers urge dog owners to take responsibility(PDF, 105KB)  

Media Release - Grader work gets underway on Cape Leveque Rd(PDF, 102KB)

Media Release - Broome breaking records with KidSport(PDF, 112KB)

Media Release - New Broome prospectus to attract investment(PDF, 118KB)

Media Release - Have your say on Broome skatepark(PDF, 29KB)

Media Release - Take the challenge in Broome’s only annual fun run(PDF, 29KB)

Media Release - Jetty to Jetty Project to highlight heritage(PDF, 93KB)

Media Release - Calling all artists and art lovers(PDF, 118KB)

Media Release - Community groups receive funding help(PDF, 4MB)

Media Release - Council puts the case for Chinatown revitalisation(PDF, 109KB)

Media Release - Council seeks community views through survey(PDF, 26KB)

Media Release - Broome prepares to commemorate Anzac Centenary(PDF, 24KB)

Media Release - Economic initiatives on the menu at Business Breakfast(PDF, 24KB)

Media Release - Funding workshop to aid sports clubs(PDF, 24KB)

Media Release - Rangers clamp down on dog and cat registrations(PDF, 24KB)

Media Release - Remembering the air raid on Broome(PDF, 23KB)

Media Release - Big season set to launch at Broome Civic Centre(PDF, 24KB)

Media Release - Dash & Splash set for big finish in 2015(PDF, 23KB)

Media Release - New Shire of Broome Directory now being delivered(PDF, 24KB)

Media Release - Workshops launch new sporting season(PDF, 24KB)

Media Release - Outstanding locals recognised on Australia Day(PDF, 24KB)

09/11/2018 - Planning the future of sport and recreation in Broome(PDF, 177KB)  

01/11/2018 - Support for economic, events and tourism initiatives(PDF, 180KB)  

30/10/2018 - Cable Beach Lifeguard season concludes(PDF, 177KB)  

09/10/2018 - Citizen of the Year Award nominations close soon(PDF, 173KB)  

27/09/2018 - Temporary beach closures help protect our turtles(PDF, 176KB)  

03/09/2018 - Recognise a contributor in our community(PDF, 173KB)  

27/08/2018 - Town Beach Project set to start construction(PDF, 182KB)  

16/08/2018 - Shire seeks to improve support for small business(PDF, 178KB)  

15/08/2018 - Broome joins the Garage Sale Trail in 2018(PDF, 363KB)  

15/08/2018 - New round of community funding now open(PDF, 178KB)  

30/07/2018 - Kimberley’s finest artists on show in Broome(PDF, 257KB)  

19/07/2018 - Sport now safer thanks to first aid partnership(PDF, 98KB)  

16/07/2018 - Funds boost for Broome community groups(PDF, 146KB)  

13/07/2018 - Song for the Mardoowarra at Broome Civic Centre(PDF, 103KB)  

05/07/2018 - Plant thefts are costing the community(PDF, 83KB)  

29/06/2018 - Broome economic blueprint set for implementation(PDF, 98KB)  

28/06/2018 - A Boy Named Cash comes to Broome Civic Centre(PDF, 197KB)  

28/05/2018 - First aid focus for sporting club volunteers(PDF, 102KB)  

23/05/2018 - BRAC 2 Beach Fun Run is back for 2018(PDF, 96KB)  

15/05/2018 - Workshops to equip Broome events organisers  (PDF, 0B)

15/05/2018 - Marrugeku world premiere coming to Broome(PDF, 124KB)  

14/05/2018 - Storytime and Beach Books to celebrate Library Week(PDF, 85KB)  

11/05/2018 - Community celebration for Reconciliation Week(PDF, 117KB)  

08/05/2018 - Funding boost for Broome events and tourism(PDF, 137KB)  

19/04/2018 - Key intersection to undergo major upgrade(PDF, 97KB)  

18/04/2018 - The Lighthouse Girl heading to Broome(PDF, 118KB)   

09/04/2018 - All set to celebrate Broome's young people(PDF, 116KB)  

05/04/2018 - Broome sport keeps growing thanks to volunteers(PDF, 99KB)  

23/03/2018 - New Broome youth bike park getting closer(PDF, 99KB)  

22/03/2018 - Lifeguards back on beautiful Cable Beach(PDF, 96KB)  

21/03/2018 - Comedy Gold coming to Broome Civic Centre(PDF, 96KB)  

08/03/2018 - Take the challenge in Beach to Bay Virtual Swim(PDF, 95KB)  

01/03/2018 - Improving access and inclusion in Broome(PDF, 68KB)  

22/02/2018 - Remembering the WWII Air Raid on Broome(PDF, 96KB)  

21/02/2018 - YAC giving Broome young people a voice(PDF, 94KB)  

20/02/2018 - Mardi Gras Cabaret comes to Broome Civic Centre(PDF, 95KB)  

19/02/2018 - Dash n Splash is back at BRAC in 2018(PDF, 95KB)  

16/02/2018 - Sports workshop focuses on saving time(PDF, 96KB)  

13/02/2018 - Further fogging scheduled to combat mosquitoes(PDF, 109KB)  

09/02/2018 - Roebuck Bay back open to community(PDF, 65KB)  

07/02/2018 - Fogging scheduled to combat mosquito increase(PDF, 110KB)  

02/02/2018 - Broome recovery on track following severe weather(PDF, 131KB)  

02/02/2018 - Broome Public Library gets eSmart(PDF, 126KB)  

01/02/2018 - Broome sporting season set to kick off(PDF, 126KB)  

01/02/2018 - Cable Beach closed temporarily for algal bloom(PDF, 68KB)  

26/01/2018 - Local heroes recognised on Australia Day(PDF, 116KB)  

17/01/2018 - Shire support for economic and community initiatives(PDF, 131KB)  

15/01/2018 - 'Fight the Bite' as mosquito numbers start to rise(PDF, 192KB)   

10/01/2018 - Family fun for Australia Day(PDF, 129KB)  

02/01/2018 - Cyclone Update 2 January 2018 (PDF, 175KB)  

19/11/2019 - Whole lot of love for Broome sport in 2019(PDF, 116KB)  

18/11/2019 - Beaches closed following jellyfish sting(PDF, 112KB)  

08/11/2019 - Save the date for Christmas in Chinatown(PDF, 116KB)  

25/10/2019 - Cable Beach Lifeguard season comes to a close(PDF, 115KB)  

25/10/2019 - Time running out to recognise our local heroes(PDF, 121KB)  

01/10/2019 - Broome back on the Garage Sale Trail in 2019(PDF, 246KB)  

24/09/2019 - Temporary beach closures to protect turtles(PDF, 114KB)  

24/09/2019 - Award win for Chinatown Revitalisation Project(PDF, 106KB)  

16/09/2019 - Who are your Community Citizens of the Year?(PDF, 113KB)  

13/09/2019 - Green light for Chinatown Stage Two(PDF, 30KB)

09/09/2019 - Chinatown parking, drainage upgrades continue(PDF, 114KB)  

30/08/2019 - Resignation of Broome Councillor Catherine Marriott(PDF, 138KB)  

12/08/2019 - Parking drainage upgrades for Chinatown(PDF, 120KB)  

08/08/2019 - Broome youth bike park gets up and rolling(PDF, 126KB)  

06/08/2019 - Kimberley's finest artists go on show(PDF, 147KB)  

30/07/2019 - Funds secured to continue Town Beach transformation(PDF, 118KB)  

30/07/2019 - Are you interested in being a Shire Councillor(PDF, 119KB)  

08/07/2019 - Budget aims to strike the balance in 2019/20(PDF, 117KB)  

25/06/2019 - BRAC 2 Beach Fun Run is back for 2019(PDF, 117KB)  

23/05/2019 - Festival to celebrate reconciliation in Broome(PDF, 115KB)  

21/05/2019 - Community to take centre stage in June and July(PDF, 145KB)

17/05/2019 - New playgrounds and green space for Town Beach(PDF, 115KB)  

16/05/2019 - Celebrating Library Week in Broome(PDF, 105KB)  

18/04/2019 - Broome Liquor Accord reaches agreement on restrictions(PDF, 179KB)

09/04/2019 - Lifeguard patrols kick off on Cable Beach(PDF, 116KB)  

04/04/2019 - Precaution urged against stomach parasite(PDF, 118KB)  

04/04/2019 - Sports club volunteers lead the way on first aid(PDF, 119KB)   

13/03/2019 - Resignation of Broome Shire Councillor(PDF, 57KB)  

01/03/2019 - Roundabout works to start in Chinatown(PDF, 68KB)  

01/03/2019 - Waste and recycling are no joke! From 1 April your bin collection day may change(PDF, 112KB)

27/02/2019 - Commemorating the air raid on Broome(PDF, 113KB)  

22/02/2019 - Broome Safe Boat Harbour project enters next phase(PDF, 115KB)  

19/02/2019 - Roundabout works to start in Chinatown(PDF, 68KB)  

18/02/2019 - International pianist to perform in Broome(PDF, 121KB)  

18/02/2019 - Picnic together for a safer community(PDF, 119KB)  

14/02/2019 - Take the Beach 2 Bay Virtual Swim challenge(PDF, 117KB)  

12/02/2019 - Lots to love about Broome sport in 2019(PDF, 118KB)  

11/02/2019 - Dash Splash is back for 2019(PDF, 119KB)  

08/02/2019 - Road stabilisation work to start(PDF, 112KB)  

30/01/2019 - Town Beach Project set to enter next stage(PDF, 180KB)  

26/01/2019 - Local heroes honoured on Australia Day(PDF, 164KB)  

08/01/2019 - Celebrate Australia Day in Broome(PDF, 176KB)  

08/01/2019 - Funding help for community groups and events(PDF, 178KB)  

15/12/2020 - Breakthrough on Kimberley Banned Drinkers Register(PDF, 160KB)

14/12/2020 - Consultation on new Regional Resource Recovery Park options to commence in February 2021(PDF, 186KB)

10/12/2020 - Shire of Broome holds constructive Community Safety Forum(PDF, 183KB)

04/12/2020 - Shire of Broome facilities rolling out COVID-19 contact tracing registers(PDF, 179KB)

04/12/2020 - Registrations compulsory for attendance at Broome Community Safety Forum(PDF, 184KB)

30/11/2020 - Shire of Broome welcomes investment in Dampier Peninsula(PDF, 160KB)

27/11/2020 - Christmas Trails coming to Chinatown on Friday 4 December(PDF, 199KB)

16/11/2020 - Lifeguards conclude their 2020 Cable Beach season(PDF, 164KB)

13/11/2020 - Shire of Broome to hold Community Safety Forum on December 7(PDF, 72KB)

11/11/2020 - Last call for applications!(PDF, 179KB)

10/11/2020 - Input needed on new Broome community plans(PDF, 188KB)

10/11/2020 - Shire of Broome lands prestigious national award(PDF, 161KB)

29/10/2020 - Chinatown Revitalisation Project Stage Two works to commence(PDF, 207KB)

13/10/2020 - Shire wards to be reviewed, public engagement requested(PDF, 161KB)

09/10/2020 - Recognition for Broome's long-serving Councillors(PDF, 161KB)

07/10/2020 - Nominate Broome's local heroes for Australia Day Awards(PDF, 158KB)

06/10/2020 - Shire of Broome not wasting time in search for Regional Resource Recovery Park site(PDF, 156KB)

25/09/2020 - Broome Councillors endorse Broome Boating Facility concept design(PDF, 177KB)

25/09/2020 - Roebuck Bay Caravan Park set for $9 million overhaul(PDF, 161KB)

22/09/2020 - Chinatown Stage Two works loom as preferred tenderer selected(PDF, 190KB)

21/09/2020 - New Broome Bushfire Station officially opened(PDF, 156KB)

16/09/2020 - Have a say on Broome Cemetery Master Plan(PDF, 172KB)

01/09/2020 - WA Police and Shire rangers to stamp down on anti-social behaviour(PDF, 174KB)

28/08/2020 - New Broome Boating Facility concept designs completed, no impact to dinosaur footprints(PDF, 210KB)

19/08/2020 - Shire of Broome recognised for commitment to safety in the workplace(PDF, 161KB)

14/08/2020 - Work to commence at Town Beach jetty as contractor selected(PDF, 175KB)

11/08/2020 - Community input needed to shape Broome's Waste Strategy to 2030(PDF, 197KB)

07/08/2020 - Shire of Broome welcomes $33m water infrastructure cash splash(PDF, 200KB)

 04/08/2020 - Chinatown to come alive on Ladies’ Night(PDF, 776KB)

30/07/2020 - State Government contributes $3m to Town Beach Jetty project(PDF, 165KB)

29/07/2020 - Broome not-for-profits given a helping hand(PDF, 241KB)

21/07/2020 - Collective effort to formulate 3-Year Broome COVID-19 Recovery Plan(PDF, 155KB)

20/07/2020 - Surf Life Saving WA lifeguards on Cable Beach for 2020 season(PDF, 166KB)

09/07/2020 - Engaging with the Shire made easier with rollout of online payments(PDF, 179KB)

26/06/2020 - Shire of Broome Council adopts 2020-21 Budget(PDF, 163KB)

08/06/2020 - Community Survey to shape Shire of Broome priorities(PDF, 149KB)

27/05/2020 - Kimberley leaders welcome moves to reopen the Kimberley(PDF, 156KB)

27/05/2020 - Liquor restriction trial start date delayed(PDF, 145KB)

20/05/2020 - Kimberley leaders unite with 12-point COVID-19 plan for reopening region(PDF, 148KB)

26/04/2020 - Broome Boating Facility concept supported by 74 per cent of respondents(PDF, 73KB)

09/04/2020 - Shire of Broome announces COVID-19 community support package(PDF, 71KB)

02/04/2020 - Kimberley Shires united in COVID-19 fight(PDF, 56KB)

25/03/2020 - Shire of Broome welcomes travel restrictions(PDF, 68KB)

24/03/2020 - Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Kimberley(PDF, 159KB)

24/03/2020 - Kimberley Zone calls for regional travel ban(PDF, 149KB)

20/03/2020 - Change of processes at BRAC and Broome Library(PDF, 151KB)

18/03/2020 - Have your say on Broome’s new boating facility(PDF, 150KB)

17/03/2020 - Cleaning services to increase at Shire-run facilities(PDF, 146KB)

13/03/2020 - Sport participation booming in Broome(PDF, 149KB)

12/03/2020 - Takeaway Alcohol Management System trial to start in Broome and Derby(PDF, 158KB)

12/02/2020 - Civic Centre to launch 2020 season with free event(PDF, 148KB)

10/02/2020 - Winning Shire of Broome contracts made easier(PDF, 124KB)

07/02/2020 - Streeter's Jetty closed for refurbishment works(PDF, 146KB)

07/02/2020 - Support for community-based project initiatives(PDF, 69KB)

06/02/2020 - Shire intalls solar lights at Broome Visitor Centre(PDF, 113KB)

16/12/21 - Shire of Broome claims two prestigious planning awards for Town Beach project(PDF, 191KB)

14/12/21 - Stingers present: Keeping safe in Broome waters this wet season(PDF, 183KB)

10/12/21 - New Local Planning Framework for Broome(PDF, 176KB)

10/12/21 - Shire rolling out additional safety measures at Town Beach Jetty(PDF, 178KB)

8/12/21 - Ray of light for Broome sport as local company to undertake BRAC upgrade(PDF, 193KB)

25/11/21 - Get involved in Broome’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy(PDF, 233KB)

24/11/21 - Christmas events to light up Broome this festive season(PDF, 183KB)

22/11/21 - Council supports strategy to consider Cable Beach ramp closures in 2022-23(PDF, 206KB)

19/11/21 - Shire continues funding for essential community safety initiative Kullarri Patrol(PDF, 228KB)

16/11/21 - Broome Public Library celebrating landmark 40th anniversary(PDF, 192KB)

11/11/21 - Get your nominations in now for your local Broome heroes(PDF, 183KB)

10/11/21 - A weekend of celebration in Broome's iconic precincts(PDF, 186KB)

28/10/21 - Official opening of new jetty the final piece of Town Beach project(PDF, 188KB)

27/10/21 - Chinatown to be officially opened as Revitalisation Project completed(PDF, 193KB)

22/10/21 - Resignation of Broome Shire Councillor Fiona West(PDF, 178KB)

20/10/21 - Shire offering free waste disposal weekends at Broome Waste Management Facility(PDF, 202KB)

19/10/21 - Harold Tracey retains position as Shire of Broome president; three Councillors re-elected(PDF, 186KB)

12/10/21 - Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment project seeking community input(PDF, 184KB)

11/10/21 - Shire welcomes $6 million federal funding towards Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment(PDF, 191KB)

01/10/21 - Broome Skatepark project on a roll as construction contractor appointed(PDF, 182KB)

21/09/21 - Positive response to Shire’s Security Incentive Scheme(PDF, 194KB)

09/09/21 - Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment progresses to next stage as design consultant appointed(PDF, 187KB)

06/09/21 - More upgrades in Town Beach precinct with new carpark construction(PDF, 204KB)

03/09/21 - Temporary RV camping trial to end, overflow caravan parks closing next wee(PDF, 188KB)

02/09/21 - Shire lights the way with new Frederick Street safety initiative(PDF, 183KB)

30/08/21 - Work to restore Broome’s iconic Streeter’s Jetty to commence this week(PDF, 155KB)

28/08/21 - New skatepark to send Broome youth into a spin(PDF, 183KB)

16/08/21 - Shinju Moonrise event to celebrate cultural connections in Chinatown(PDF, 191KB)

09/08/21 - Shire offering $275 rebates to residents to improve community safety(PDF, 209KB)

05/08/21 - Explore Broome’s rejuvenated precincts with new Shire app(PDF, 178KB)

30/07/21 - Broome sport on a roll as new BRAC courts a slam dunk(PDF, 156KB)

30/07/21 - Glitz and glamour ahead as Chinatown Ladies Night approaches(PDF, 177KB)

29/07/21 - Have your say on the future of Broome sport(PDF, 167KB)

21/07/21 - Youth Advisory Council a voice for Broome’s young people(PDF, 183KB)

16/07/21 - Call for prospective candidates as Shire of Broome election approaches(PDF, 177KB)

15/07/21 - Town Beach transformation continues as shared path completed(PDF, 157KB)

25/06/21 - New coastal protection measures endorsed for Cable Beach foreshore(PDF, 167KB)

25/06/21 - Shire of Broome Council adopts 2021-22 Budget(PDF, 185KB)

11/06/21 - Registrations open for BRAC 2 Beach Fun Run(PDF, 180KB)

10/06/21 - Safety in Sport – Club volunteers sign up to Play the Broome Way(PDF, 164KB)

03/06/21 - Financial helping hand offered to community groups and Broome events sector(PDF, 167KB)

02/06/21 - Shire changes temporary accommodation rules in reaction to housing shortage(PDF, 176KB)

26/05/21 - Streeter’s Jetty to be restored to former glory(PDF, 167KB)

13/05/21 - Chinatown’s multicultural heritage and stunning environment showcased in public art(PDF, 222KB)

07/05/21 - Free events scheduled to thank selfless community members on National Volunteer Week(PDF, 206KB)

04/05/21 - Excitement builds ahead of 2021 Chinatown Discovery Festival(PDF, 187KB)

30/04/21 - Broome Council approves integrated site for new Regional Resource Recovery Park(PDF, 176KB)

28/04/21 - Broome sporting community invited to attend concussion workshops(PDF, 165KB)

16/04/21 - Shire calls housing roundtable meeting to address Broome rental shortage(PDF, 159KB)

15/04/21 - Exciting Indigenous showcases set to light up Broome Civic Centre(PDF, 189KB)

22/03/21 - Shire offering helping hand to Broome’s tourism and events sector(PDF, 60KB)

16/03/21 - Life rings installed at Gantheaume Point after community petition(PDF, 198KB)

09/03/21 - Shire seeking feedback on new Economic Development Strategy(PDF, 188KB)

08/03/21 - New Broome Golf Club facilities officially opened(PDF, 164KB)

04/03/21 - Have your say on Regional Resource Recovery Park project though community survey(PDF, 202KB)

15/02/21 - Community Review commences for new Regional Resource Recovery Park(PDF, 219KB)

11/02/21 - Shire offering financial assistance to local groups(PDF, 178KB)

11/01/21 - Broome community invited to Australia Day celebrations(PDF, 157KB)

06/01/21 - Kimberley leaders welcome Banned Drinkers Register(PDF, 492KB)

11-30-Liquor-restrictions-to-continue-in-Broome.pdf(PDF, 196KB)

11/10/2022-Further-protection-for-Cable-Beach-turtles.pdf(PDF, 134KB)

11/10/2022 - Voluntary move for Shire of Broome President to be publicly-elected(PDF, 209KB)

30/09/2022 - Nominate Broome's local heroes for the 2023 Community Citizen of the Year Awards.(PDF, 603KB)

21/09/2022 - Broome’s award-winning Guwarri Town Beach redevelopment receives fifth major accolade(PDF, 659KB)  

08/09/2022 - SKATE - join us in celebrating the new Broome skatepark(PDF, 163KB)

30/08/2022 - New Planning Framework for Cable Beach and Chinatown/Old Broome(PDF, 167KB)
(PDF, 163KB)

29/08/2022 - Potential Cable Beach ramp closure out for public comment(PDF, 161KB)

12/08/2022 - Community celebrates Chinatown in busy Ladies’ Night event(PDF, 163KB)

04/08/2022 - Shire looks to address housing shortage with Sanctuary Road accommodation project(PDF, 165KB)

29/07/2022 - Community Scorecard results paint a bright picture for Shire of Broome(PDF, 169KB)

20/07/2022 - Shire lighting the way for tennis participation with upgrades(PDF, 175KB)

18/07/2022 - Revival of Pioneer Cemetery honours early settlers of Broome(PDF, 169KB)

14/07/2022 - Chinatown Ladies’ Night set to be shopping event of the season(PDF, 175KB)

06/07/2022 - Prosperous future for Broome as 2022-23 Budget adopted by Shire Council(PDF, 194KB)

30/06/2022 - Shire investment a highlight for community sport(PDF, 178KB)

29/06/2022 - Giggles galore at Broome Civic Centre this July School Holidays(PDF, 176KB)

21/06/2022 - Special event to celebrate new Conti Foreshore Shared Path and Streeter’s Jetty(PDF, 178KB)

20/06/2022 - Broome community groups benefit from Shire storage decision(PDF, 180KB)

14/06/2022 - Beach Books back for another stint on Cable Beach(PDF, 173KB)

13/06/2022 - Shire of Broome and RSPCA partner up for your pups(PDF, 173KB)

07/06/2022 - Funding to boost initiatives that benefit Broome community(PDF, 196KB)

02/06/2022 - Education program boost for Broome Public Library(PDF, 175KB)

30/05/2022 - Shire supporting new event promoting Indigenous fashion designers this Reconciliation Week(PDF, 205KB)

27/05/2022 - New community-driven Communication and Engagement Strategy endorsed(PDF, 174KB)

25/05/2022 - Shire advocates to improve access and inclusion in Broome(PDF, 173KB)

24/05/2022 - New Broome arts space thanks to Shire facility decision(PDF, 181KB)

23/05/2022 - Shire of Broome lands prestigious national award for Guwarri Town Beach project(PDF, 183KB)

18/05/2022 -  New podcast launched to celebrate Broome’s volunteers(PDF, 198KB)

09/05/2022 - Have your say: Community Scorecard to shape Shire of Broome priorities and future(PDF, 175KB)

05/05/2022 - Shire supporting Broome community as events funding recipients endorsed(PDF, 192KB)

04/05/2022 - Exciting future for Broome sport as aspirational plan endorsed(PDF, 174KB)

29/04/2022 - Broome teenagers have their say at Shire YOUTH HACK(PDF, 172KB)

14/04/2022 - Conti Foreshore Shared Path proceeds to final stage(PDF, 183KB)

13/04/2022 - Action-packed dry season line up at Broome Civic Centre(PDF, 191KB)

07/04/2022 - Cable Beach lifeguard service to kick off for 2022(PDF, 179KB)

06/07/2022 - Iconic Streeter’s Jetty reopen for Broome community use(PDF, 173KB)

22/03/2022 - Construction of new Broome skatepark to begin next month(PDF, 187KB)

10/03/2022 -Council endorses coastal protection measures for Cable Beach foreshore(PDF, 185KB)

10/03/2022 - Exclusive preliminary plans revealed for Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment(PDF, 191KB)

25/02/2022 - Have a say on how the Shire of Broome communicates and engages with you(PDF, 185KB)

16/02/2022 - Broome Civic Centre welcomes Perth Symphony Orchestra to the stage(PDF, 213KB)

15/02/2022 - Future of Broome sport in focus at February conference(PDF, 190KB)

11/02/2022 - Shire funding initiatives that benefit the Broome community(PDF, 194KB)

11/02/2022 - Event to commemorate Broome Air Raid 80th anniversary(PDF, 189KB)

03/02/2022 - Shire supporting Broome events and tourism through funding program(PDF, 220KB)

24/01/2022 - Local business to undertake redevelopment of iconic Broome Surf Life Saving Club(PDF, 193KB)

14/01/2022 - Community to celebrate Australia Day 2022 at Town Beach(PDF, 194KB)

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